Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan Journal for Human and Social Studies is a scientific, refereed and periodical journal, categorized in the Global Database (EBSCO). It is issued in three electronic and paper issues per year, and holds the International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSN): (online: 2708-9207), and (print: 2708-9193), in accordance with the internationally recognized standards. It is concerned with publishing original innovative research of solid scientific and cognitive value in terms of content and form, written in Arabic, English or French in different fields of human and social sciences, under the supervision of Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan's Deanship of Research and Innovation and direction of an independent international specialized scientific board with high competence and long experience in publishing and evaluating research.

The journal is keen not to publish research that runs counter to the values and principles observed in Jordan, the University's philosophy and vision explicitly or implicitly or the ethics of scientific publication; although its contents and thoughts reflect their owners' own opinions, i.e. the University is not held responsible for any intellectual content included therein.

Scope & Objectives

  • Fulfill the University's vision to be competitive, especially in the field of research.
  • Publish academic and refereed research in the field of human and social sciences.
  • Meet the researchers’ and students' needs locally, regionally and internationally in the field of human and social sciences.
  • Develop and publish knowledge in the fields of arts and human sciences by way of circulating contemporary issues in the Arab World in service of the prosperity of the Arab community.
  • - Enrich local, Arab and international libraries with solid research..
  • - Reinforce scientific cooperation between the Journal and the researchers/ scholars in its fields of specialty..



  • Researcher(s) should send an electronic copy (in WORD format) of her/his research/manuscript to the Journal's using the following link Register
  • Researcher(s) should send an electronic copy involving a request for publishing her/his research in the Journal by way of filling the special form prepared for this purpose which is available on the Journal's website in accordance with the standards of research required by Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan's Deanship of Research and Innovation.
  • The title page should include: research title, researcher(s) first, second, third and surname together with their academic degrees), name of the institution the researcher(s) work(s) for, their email accounts, name of their country, in addition to the name of the main researcher in case there is more than one researcher.
  • Researcher(s) should submit two abstracts: one in Arabic and the other one in English or French (if written in French) in no more than (200) words. Abstracts should include the Study's title, then the abstract which must include the study's aims, methodology as well as its major outcomes followed by the key words thereof.
  • Research words should not be more than (8000) words including both abstracts, sources and references as well as appendices (if any).
  • To guarantee confidential and objective evaluation, researcher's name or reference thereto inside the research paper should not be included.
  • Researcher should duly observe the scientific norms of conducting solid research in terms of language accuracy, punctuation marks, and structure based on compliance with regulations included herein under (Regulations of Research Formatting, Organization, Citation and Bibliography Preparation).
  • Researcher should submit a written pledge that her/his research will not be sent to be published in a book or journal pertaining to another scientific institution.
  • Researcher, following approval on her/his research publication, must fill a copyleft transfer form and send it to Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan's Deanship of Research and Innovation.
  • Researcher should bear the evaluation fees if she/he withdraws her/his research and decides not to proceed any further.
  • Researcher can download electronic copies of her/his own research from the Journal's website.
  • The researcher should consult a linguistic expert, so that her/his research is free of linguistic and formal errors.
  • In the event that the Journal no longer publishes- for any reason-, its electronic website remains publicly available; any researcher can access the Journal's archive.
  • Submitted original research works, published or unpublished, are not retrieved.
  • Editorial Board of Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan Journal for Human and Social Studies may withdraw the research/manuscript if they discover conclusive evidence on plagiarism, deceiving and untrustworthy information that aim to offend…, later discovery of unethical research conduct or already-published submitted research. The researcher shall bear the evaluation costs thereof, and will not be allowed to submit research to the Journal again.
  • Research, in part or in full, may not be published elsewhere after being approved to be published in Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan Journal for Human and Social Studies unless a written approval thereon from the editor-in-chief is obtained.
  • An amount of (100) dollars or its equivalent in Jordanian dinars shall be collected for the research accepted for publication in the Journal, provided that this amount shall be collected from the researcher after being notified of the acceptance of her/his research and before receiving the publication letter.

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