Regulations for the Evaluators

Policy of scientific publication at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan requires that all research works submitted for publication at Al-Zaytoonah University Journal for Human and Social Studies undergo a peer review process with a view to evaluating the submitted research work conducted by a specialized and competent researcher in the field of Human and Social Studies in order to verify the quality, honesty and credibility of the research works submitted for publication in specialized academic area. Therefore, the Journal requires the following criteria concerning the evaluators to help the Editorial Board take the right decision on any research work submitted for publication therein and back its policy in publishing and improving solid research- as follows:
  • The referee must notify the Journal on her/his approval to evaluate the research work submitted for publication therein.
  • The referee must notify the Journal on her/his disapproval to evaluate the research work sent to her/him if there is a mismatch with her/his area of specialty or a conflict of interests by virtue of personal or intellectual relations, etc. with the author(s).
  • The referee must send a detailed report on the research final evaluation by way of filling, as requested, a form prepared for this purpose and available on the Journal's site, to be sent off to the author(s) to comment thereon and duly carry out the required amendments.
  • The referee must comply with the confidentiality standards related to the refereeing process by refraining from leaking any information relevant to the research work sent to her/him- be it on the researcher's name or the research's title.
  • The referee must comply with the standards of objective refereeing by fully dropping off their subjective mask during the process of refereeing. Also, she/he should not offend or insult the researcher regardless the referee's opinion on the research level of quality.
  • The referee must show the reason of rejection or the amendment requirements, be they major or minor, alongside with their respective correction.
  • The referee must reveal any point of intersection with other research works, be they partial or full, together with the justifications thereof (plagiarism or the like).
  • The Journal (Editorial Board) is committed with varying the referees by setting up information bank on a list of renowned impartial and highly-competent ones.
  • The Journal (Editorial Board) does not send research works to unqualified referees, particularly those who clearly show inability to explain why a research work is rejected or accepted.
  • The referee must provide the Journal with a bank statement and complete personal information in order to give her/him an honorarium of (60) Jordanian Dinar (or equivalent in US dollars) in return for the refereeing process.