Regulations for the Authors

Policy of scientific publication at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan requires that all research works submitted for publication at Al-Zaytoonah University Journal for Human and Social Studies undergo the following criteria concerning the authors:
  • Compliance with the regulations included under (Conditions of Publication) at Al-Zaytoonah University Journal for Human and Social Studies: (Regulations of Publication, Formatting, Organization, Citation and Bibliography (Sources & References) Preparation).
  • Compliance with honesty by adhering to the internationally-recognized research code of conduct and ethical requirements of publication, and avoidance of all forms of unethical behavior like plagiarism, fabrication, falsification and facts distortion.
  • Notifying the Journal via a written undertaking confirming that the research in question was not previously submitted or published in a book or journal pertaining to another scientific institution and that the research is original and not drawn from the researcher's MA or PhD dissertations.
  • Sending a brief CV (in Arabic and English).
  • Sending the research title, author(s') name, postal addresses, email accounts, place of work, country in an independent page without showing the researcher's name or reference thereto inside the research in order to guarantee confidential and objective evaluation.
  • Transferring copyright to the journal upon the research acceptance to be published therein by way of filling a copyright transfer form and sending it to Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan's Deanship of Research.
  • Notifying the Journal on any mistake concerning her/his published work, to be corrected or withdrawn.
  • The Journal shall receive an evaluation and publication fee of (200) American dollars.